We are a small group of people proficient in both technical and creative sides of music/art. DJs, electronic music producers, life performers, audio engineers, singers, pianists, painters. Our passion is undeniably sound, it is what we live for, it is why we get up every morning.

Briefly about MUSIC PRODUCER GROUP and why we think it is important for the electronic music community:

Our ambition and hope are to connect people in order to nourish and cultivate creativity. Our role is to enable them to build connections, collaborate on projects, learn from one another and share experiences.

We meet every month. Each time with fresh agendas and guest speakers. Furthermore, we try to bring you various local and international guests: music producers, musicians and industry professionals. Together we will talk about various topics and issues concerning music.

Anyone is welcome to join and participate in discussions, learn about music production, industry trends and much more. Likewise, if you believe you have something to share with the community you can register as a guest speaker and speak at our next event.

Additionally, music production workshops and bootcamps will be a big part of the group meetings. For more news and updates please drop by our Music Producer Group Page on Facebook.